Welcome to Flipping the Record – here’s a bit about us


Welcome Flipping the Record, a new music blog and website.

We are passionate about music, and all we want to do is write about it!

As well as taking a look at new records and reviewing gigs, we are also keen to give new artists a platform to help get there work out there.

All new bands need a foot-up, especially in a world where it’s easy to get lost and go unnoticed on social media.

All artists have to start somewhere, as do all sites. We hope to grow along with the artists we meet along the way.

So please do get in contact with us and lets see where it goes. 

We will be updating this site as and when we can (we have jobs too y’know!) so do bear with us.

We will be kicking of our tracks of the week shortly, so please do keep an eye out for that.

Stay safe, and stay tuned!