The Interrupters: Say It Out Loud (LP) review

Punks and ska fans unite! It’s time get your pork pie hats and go skanking with The Interrupters.

This week we received our copy of ‘Say It Out Loud’ on limited edition signed splatter vinyl from Banquet Records – and while this record came out last year, we were so excited we thought we’d review it anyway.

Every so often you hear a record for the first time and just start dancing around the house – and that is exactly what happened with ‘Say It Out Loud’.

Yeah, that’s right, I was skanking around like a complete idiot thinking I was the biggest rude boy out there!

The Interrupters released in 2016 on Tim Armstrong’s Hellcat Records, so no surprise there is a Rancid inspired sound to it.

As well as producing the record Armstong even put an appearance in on one of the tracks ‘Phantom City’.

On ‘Say It Out Loud’ they have perfectly blended ska and punk together, something which many have failed to do in recent years focussing more on the ska-side of things.

Although to be honest you don’t have to be a ska or punk fan to like The Interrupters, you’ve just got to be able to have fun, and enjoy a sing-a-long.

It wasn’t long before I was chanting “I don’t wanna die,” from opening track ‘By my Side’. And there are more slogans to chant throughout – like any good punk record.

“You can’t control me any more..” on the track ‘Control’ is another good example of one that had me shouting with my hand raised.

“He’s a prosecutor, and he doesn’t have a case…”, on The Prosecutor was another.

Fronted by the ballsy Aimee Interrupter, who has tons of attitude, to put it simply these guys are a lot of fun and I couldn’t recommend you listen to them enough.

Some of you will have been lucky enough to have seen them support Green Day recently, we didn’t, but will be looking to check them out live the next time they are in the UK.