TheNumber9s: BlackCanvas (EP) review

If you like heavy, bluesy, Scottish rock then Edinburgh four-piece TheNumber9s might just be up your street.

‘BlackCanvas’ is a five track EP from the band who describe themselves as “one of Edinburgh’s most rocking live acts” – some claim.

‘Shallow Dreams’ is the first song on the EP.

Starting off with a atmospheric sitar style riff before it quickly punches into heavy rock.

But the strongest songs on the EP follow with ‘Point of No Return’ and ‘Midas Touch’.

These are more blues based tracks – and this is where the lead guitarist Orfeas Boteas, bassist Adam Scarcliffe and drummer Matt Graham, really come into their own.

It may be simple, it may be blues, but they are good at it.

Lead vocalist Stephen Scarcliffe also performs best on these tracks with his Scottish accent coming through adding an authentic sound to their songs.

TheNumber9s say they “deliver bouncy, hardhitting grooves at the cutting edge of the underground scene” – with the energy on this EP, we are sure they are.

As a whole ‘BlackCanvas’ does lacks some consistency, but is a decent listen and there is plenty  for them to build on.

You can listen to the EP by clicking here.

One thought on “TheNumber9s: BlackCanvas (EP) review

  1. awesome share, I haven’t heard of them before, but after reading this, I’m going to have to check them out.

    For someone who is just starting, what are songs that I for sure need to listen to?


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