Jamiroquai: Cloud 9 (single) review

There was quite the buzz when Jamiroquai announced they would be back with a new album Automaton this year.

Cloud 9 is the latest news sound we have heard from the band – well, so to speak.

They haven’t strayed to far from the funk sound with which they achieved stardom with in the early 90s.

And we like it.

It’s a very relaxed, chilled track, that you can imagine putting on while you chill in the garden, or like in the song’s video, pop on for a nice drive out in the sun.

Cloud 9 is one for the summer really, not so much for the dreary weather of February.

But what it has done is made us look forward to the record’s release on March 31.

Automaton – their first album since 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star – will be followed by a world tour later this year.

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