Harmless Habit: Underclass (EP) review

We stumbled across Boston band Harmless Habit when they started following us on Twitter. And are we glad they did as it led us to their EP ‘Underclass’.

This is one for any fans of classic rock and contemporary alt punk.

These guys – who look bit like Steel Panther in appearance – are are a tight and polished outfit, something which you don’t get too often on a first EP.

HH formed in 2016 after drummer Rinn Rucker and guitarist Jon Suh met in Boston.

They began to song write and create and after meeting front man Joey Vece the band began to come together.

During the recording process, which was done independently, bassist Nick Fratianne and guitarist Cooper Bourne joined the group to complete the HH line-up.

‘Underclass’ is a headbanger from start to finish.

Vocalist Vece has a superb range and can adjust the power/style of his voice depending on the song.

Opening track on the EP ‘First Class Tragedy’ is a melodic number with a great punk riff.

It’s a solid start which leads into the heavier, more shred-style, ‘Going Under’ – remember I said headbanging earlier? Yeah, well it’s time to let your hair down for this one. For us this is the strongest track on the EP.

Third track ‘Traffic’ is heavy, grungy, and packs a punch.

The last two tracks ‘Swing’ and ‘Underclass’ round off what is a solid EP – and one we will be listening to again.

To hear the full EP visit Harmless Habit’s website here.