Linkin Park (ft Kiiara): Heavy (single) review

Linkin Park have returned with a new single ‘Heavy’ – and we are going to try and be as kind as we can in this review.

Heavy by name, but not by nature – when did the Californian rockers become a blend between Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth.

Where are the guitars? Where’s the nu metal sound? Where’s the rap?

We are all for bands trying new things, but this feels a step too far and distant from what they have been good at for for over 20 years, and one that will surely alienate even the most die hard fan.

We had heard rumours that they were heading down a more RnB route – but wanted to give it a listen before we made judgement.

And now we have heard ‘Heavy’ we can only say we are a little concerned about what it means for the new album.

Chester Bennington’s vocals are pretty tame, in this duet with Kiiara.

To be honest, we don’t see how much influence the other members have had on this song, bar production.

This is completely unrecognisable from the stuff ‘Hybrid Theory’, ‘Meteora’, and even more recent albums like ‘The Hunting Party’.

‘Heavy’ is ok for a pop song, but will struggle to stand out on mainstream radio stations.

The only redeeming feature is that if you heard this on the radio, then you’d be thinking ‘meh, it’s alright’ – but it’s not what you expect at all from Linkin Park.

Sorry, not for us this one.

One thought on “Linkin Park (ft Kiiara): Heavy (single) review

  1. Fair enough, ‘Heavy’ isn’t for you (or many others) and that’s fine.

    But seriously? Where’s the Nu Metal? Linkin Park moved away a from that well over 10 years ago! And so should you!


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