Alaina Johnson – is the bluebird beneath about to soar?

Every now and again you stumble across on something that makes you stop what you are doing and make you think “wow”.

There are so many artists trying to push their music out on YouTube, that it takes something special to stand out – and that’s where we introduce Orlando-based student Alaina Johnson.

Alaina came to our attention after following us on Twitter. After a quick search on YouTube we discovered her song ‘Bluebird’ – and we were simply blown away.

‘Bluebird’ is a very personal song which Alaina, while playing the ukulele, sings with raw emotion – expressing pain and sorrow.

“Tears run down your warm cheeks. Try fake that sweet smile, they can’t see the pain that’s deep inside

“Where has my bluebird flown. Come back to my arms what can be so cold.”

Alaina, whose voice is reminiscent of Lianne La Havas, lets her audience inside of her personal thoughts and feelings, her throat cracks ever so slightly as the memory of personal experience comes back to her.

But there is a message of hope in the pain.

“Kept in the shadows, soon your light will shine,” she sings.

The 20-year-old Psychology major at the University of Central Florida has explained a little bit about the track.

“I wrote ‘Bluebird’ two years ago – it was at a moment when I was feeling a little bit down and unimportant,” she told YouTube viewers.

“I’ve always struggled with myself, my image and who I am. I’m quiet, shy and introverted. I’ve never quite fit in with other people, and that’s something that I have always felt quite insecure about throughout my life.

“Music has always been a bit of an outlet, so I wrote Bluebird basically to express the way I feel and I hope you guys can connect with that.

“It’s not an easy song to sing but I love it and I love sharing how I feel with other people.”

Johnson has confirmed there will be more coming to her YouTube channel, and we look forward to hearing it.

Check out her channel here.