Alex Cambridge releases new single ‘Nostalgia’

‘Nostalgia’ is the brand new single from London folk-soul singer/songwriter Alex Cambridge.

Taken from her new EP, ‘Long Story Short’, is a perfect blend of acoustic, urban and folk inspired songs that reflect maturity and lyrical ability beyond her years.

We think it’s pretty stunning, although you have to be in the right mood to listen to it.

Very much one of a dark evening with a glass of wine.

“Growing up in a musical household,” says Cambridge.

“Music was never off limits. It was something I knew from an early age. My mum always played music that makes you feel, music with meaning.

“I grew up listening to a lot of singer/songwriters as well as country and gospel so it’s always been there.”

She says she takes inspiration from John Mayer, Tori Kelly and Neil Diamond.

“I feel like I’m authentic. I am just me – no kind of gimmicks. I’m not trying to write something for the sake of making a hit,” she said.

Her debut came with the winter themed ‘February’ in which Cambridge proves that music can be simplistic and yet captivating.

Led by ambient production and celestial harmonies, this emotive love tale highlights the true lyricism and cathartic qualities present in her music.

Nostalgia provides further evidence of the depth of her soul and the maturity of her voice, and is set to turn more heads on release this month.

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