Track of the week #7 -IDLES: Stendhal Syndrome

It’s post-punk at its very best. It’s loud, brash and put simply, a bit of a racket. 

This week we stumbled across Bristol-based quintet IDLES’ latest release ‘Stendhal Syndrome’, taken from their upcoming first album ‘Brutalism’.

The track is a little over two minutes long, and at the end we were left thinking “what have I just listened to?” – so we played it again, and again.

IDLES describe themselves as “a nose-bleed on the ears” – and it’s hard to disagree with that.

We loved it – and that’s why it is our track of the week for you to check out.

We look forward to hearing more form the album which is out March 10.

If you are interested, they are also on tour later this year.