Honey Lung: Introducing the new face of grunge

 Introducing Honey Blood… but first a warning – if you try these guys out you will to get addicted to a contagious grunge band pretty quickly.

As part of Flying Vinyl’s February edition, we got the exclusive 7″ double-sided single of tracks ‘Something’ and ‘End of Time’.


‘Something’ was the band’s debut single last year on RYP Records, and it’s pretty solid – but its not a patch on the B-side ‘End of Time’.

Honey Lung have said they wanted ‘End of Time’ to “make you feel like you’re 15 again and listening to The Smashing Pumpkins for the first time”.

We’re not sure we will ever feel 15 again, but the similarities between Honey Lung and the 90s alt-rockers are striking.

If early Smashing Pumpkins, or Ash for that matter, are your thing, then the chances are you’ll love Honey Lung.

We listened to both singles of the record, and just had to listen to ‘End of Time’ again, and then again.

‘End of Time’ is pretty guitar driven, and you can’t help but dust off your old air guitar when listening.

When we say contagious – we mean be prepared to listen to these guys over and over.

Check out Honey Lung’s EP ‘Kind of Alone’ here and let us know what you think.