The Magic Es – ‘Running Scared’ (single) review

English rockers band The Magic Es have released new single ‘Running Scared’ via Oh Mercy! Records.

The anthemic new release follows previous singles ‘Colour Up My World’ and ‘Melody Jane’.

‘Running Scared’ is a raucous, punchy, bass-driven punk rock song that leaves you hungry for more.

Frontman Pete Thomson said: “It’s about the oldest topic in town – love and relationships. It’s about a relationship I was in that ended many years ago.

“I should be thankful, as it produced a few good tunes that have made it into Magic Es sets. For me it’s the bass and drum groove at the beginning that really set up the song and once we’d got that down it flowed quickly.

“Funnily, the “La, la, la” chorus was supposed to have words but the first time we gigged it I forget them so improvised – it seemed to work so we kept it in.”

Since forming in 2014, The Magic Es have been busy.

All lifelong musicians with world tours, top 40 singles and a wealth of musical experience under their belts, the boys came together after a chance meeting at a wedding led to them finding common ground in the simple pleasures of classic records and punkish rock n’ roll.

‘Running Scared’ lands just before the release of their debut LP ‘It Goes On’ in April.