Tilia releases new David Bowie-inspired single ‘Black Monday’

Swiss singer-songwriter Tilia has released ‘Black Monday’, the second single from her recent LP ‘Pattern’.

The melancholy piece of dark guitar pop was written on the day David Bowie died, and showcases her distinctive vocals and an electro-rock soundscape.

There’s a huge amount of space and playfulness in the music of Tilia.

Like all good singer-songwriters, she delivers the soundtrack for moments in life that feel significant, and moments that are enhanced by the right soundtrack.

‘Black Monday’ explores society’s daily routines – careers, conversations, relationships, dreams – and the circles we find ourselves going around, in a Bowie-inspired pop song.

There are similarities that can be seen with bands like The Cure and Garbage.

Since the release of Tilia’s debut album ‘Focus’ in 2014, the 30-year-old has been celebrating several achievements.

Her singles ‘Head Over Heels’ and ‘Igor’ were radio hits in her homeland, while she also picked up radio airplay with various large German radio stations.

For her new material she teamed up with producer Reto Peter (Green Day, Counting Crows) in San Francisco, who added a radio-friendly gloss to her instinctive songwriting.

Her previous single ‘Golden’ picked up press acclaim from Songwriting and Vents magazines, as well as radio airplay with over 20 UK stations.