Crosa Rosa: Nottingham rockers are a beautiful racket

We should start this quick review off with a warning – put your beer down now. 

Crosa Rosa are a riot, and are exactly the kind of band that get you bouncing and throwing your drink around like an idiot.

We were introduced to Crosa Rosa by Flying Vinyl and their exclusive double-sided 7″ containing tracks ‘Like a Lady’ and ‘Wear My Heart’.

The trio from Nottingham have a definite sound of late 80s grunge, and more modern garage psych.

A-side ‘Like a Lady’ has a catchy riff and a catchy vocal hook.

We can’t disagree with Flying Vinyl’s description that “it’s a searing anthem that could incite a mosh pit in a church”.

You will want to dance, throw yourself around and, well… flail about.

The B-side ‘Wear My Heart’ isn’t quite as strong, but it is brilliantly bass driven and sung with a lot of angst.

Crosa Rosa dropped their most recent EP Candy Eyes in November.

The band say it features tracks that are about “politicians that are forever putting the younger generation down. Misrepresenting us. In fact not even that. Not listening to us… we are victims of their politics”.

Check out their EP here: