The Santos Connection: ‘A Series of Compromises’ (EP) review

Leeds outfit The Santos Connection are set to release their first EP this month and we were happy to lend an ear.

The first thing we noticed before we even pressed play is that all the songs are around the five minute mark.

You’ve got to be brave to pack an EP with songs that long.

‘A Series Of Compromises’ starts off strong with ‘Hitman’. The first two minutes of this are really enjoyable. It’s quick paced, grungy, with a real 90s sound.

But disappointingly, out of nowhere the song completely changes and loses its way. There is a very grand string-based finish, but we had sort of lost interest by that point, longing for more of the start.

However, the EP picks up again with the second, much more consistent track, ‘Mountaineer’. It’s a dreamy acoustic-based song with strong vocals, and is an enjoyable listen for most part.

It is just guilty of going on for a bit too long – but is the strongest song on here.

‘Matador’ is heavily string-based, and sits well in the middle of the record, but without being remarkable.

The EP finishes on the epic ‘Grand Prix’.

Really, this song could be split into three sections, but unlike ‘Hitman’, the pace and style changes don’t not jar and work quite well, and in many ways some up ‘A Series Of Compromises’.

The production is good and if you like songs packed with strings, then you’ll probably enjoy it.

The length of songs is an issue, and most of the tracks don’t really have much of a chorus, but it’s a pretty decent, solid first release.

Give it a listen here and let us know what you think.