Kasabian: ‘You’re In Love With a Psycho’ – a review of the new single

Kasabian are a little bit of an enigma. You cling on to the brilliant tunes the band produced in the early 2000s – but it’s something they have struggled to emanate since 2007, in all honesty.

When I saw the title ‘You’re In Love With a Psycho’ we though “yes, we’re in business…”. On hearing it, we’re not so sure.

It’s not terrible by any means, and is in some ways quite a catchy pop song. It owuln’t offend us to hear it on the radio – but that is hardly glowing praise.

We can’t imagine the chorus of “You’re in love with a psycho, you’re in love with a psycho and there’s nothing you can do about it” will be echoing around venues when they tour later this year.

‘You’re In Love With a Psycho’ is a far cry from any of the classics the band have had in the past – and it also isn’t really a patch on tracks like ‘stevie’ from 2014’s 48:13.

The song doesn’t really feel like it goes anywhere. It has the same drum beat all the way through, has a pretty tame bass line and they’ve chucked some modern synth in for good measure.

There is nothing to distinguish this from a lot of mainstream pop-indie that is being released at the moment, and if we’re being honest, it’s a little disappointing and boring more than anything.

It’s frustrating because these guys know how to write a brilliant song, and indeed a brilliant chorus, an art which is dying.

We will wait for the full album ‘For Crying Out Loud’, out in April, before we make any full judgement on the direction of the band, but all we can do is hope for better.