Young Kings: Refreshing honest and emotional alt-rock

After a disruptive year of member changes, 2015 was a turning point for alt-rockers Young Kings – and 2017 might just be a big year for the Bedfordshire-based band.

Young Kings have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, setting the foundations to their great yearly plan – and the release of visitor is the first glimpse of a trilogy of tracks to be released this year.

Frontman William Ellis said: “Visitor is about being a relationship where you get emotionally demolished by the other partner to the point whereby you stop caring about yourself, and when you leave everything turns to lies.

“You’ve been made to feel like nothing even though you know you were everything.”

This track is pure emotion – something that is the key to Young Kings.

Their music is honest, full of feeling and passion. It’s great to see a band completely distancing themselves from cliches and performing from the heart.

In 2015, the band spent a week at The Ranch Production House in Southampton recording their debut release ‘Old Days’.

The highlight to their year soon followed, when they played a sold out Camden Barfly in London.

In November 2015, Young Kings saw the release of ‘Old Days’, along with their first debut UK tour – their first as a band.

“Tour was an amazing experience, for some of us it was our first ever one! It felt like we were being let loose. We spent hours cramped in our van and sleeping in car parks,” they said.

Carrying that momentum, it was in 2016 that the four bandmates completed two UK tours and played a number of shows before embarking on their first European tour with Shattered Lions.

The band have two more singles to follow in the trilogy they’ve made for 2017, and we look forward to hearing more.