Veins: ‘Ambi’ (single) review

New UK alternative rock three-piece Veins have released their debut single Ambi.

‘Ambi’ is anthemic.

It’s melodic, bass driven with some superb guitar lines interwoven, while drum work  is excellent with the symbols really taking a hammering.

Inventive, brooding and atmospheric, the band’s versatile sound is the sort that you can easily imagine soundtracking both the climatic events of festival stages in the near future.

Veins is the new project of Stevie Rees, Scott Warner and Dan Appleyard, who have toured the UK, Europe and Japan in bands as diverse as The Junket, Defenestration and Acoda playing everywhere from pubs to major festivals and arenas.

Veins brings together their combined experience and influences to create a band and sound that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For their debut release, the band have been in the studio with legendary producer Russ Russell (The Wildhearts, Napalm Death, New Model Army) who has added a stadium-ready gloss to their anthemic, yearning rock.