No Vacation’s new single ‘Mind Fields’ is dreamy indie for all

Indie fans of all kinds will be able to appreciate the No Vacation’s new single ‘Mine Fields’.

No Vacation is an indie/dream-pop collective that combines the novel sounds of college nostalgia and surf-tinged bedroom pop to create an addictive feeling of weightlessness.

‘Mind Fields’ has a feel of The XX meets Feist.

It’s got a delicious guitar hook, and vocals that put you in the clouds – although the inspiration for the song actually comes from a turbulent time for the band.

What began as a sunny San Francisco dorm-room duo in early 2015 by frontwoman Sabrina Mai, quickly evolved into a band as Marisa Saunders and Nat Lee entered the fold.

Eventually, Harrison Spencer joined and No Vacation migrated from their familiar garage practice spaces to the studio, where they recorded their second release Summer Break Mixtape.

This would lead up to their initial break-up later that year. After a year of anticipation, shows under various names, and a few line-up changes, James Shi was added to solidify the official reunion of the 5-piece.

‘Mind Fields’ is heavily influenced by the break-up itself, and  highlights the wistful yet buoyant sounds from their upcoming collection, set for release in June 2017.