Be Like Pablo: ‘There She Is’ (single) review

When we first heard Be Like Pablo’s latest single ‘There She Is’ it felt like we had been thrown back in time to when we first heard Weezer and fell in love.

It’s cheeky and a lot of fun, with a super catchy chorus thrown in for good measure.

“There She Is is the best Be Like Pablo song to date,” says lead songwriter, Ewen Watson, of the Scottish band.

A bold statement to make for a band with a consistent record of quality music behind them, but not an exaggerated one in this case.

With influences like The Rentals, and The Cars, the band’s interest in retro imagery and sounds are prominent in the track, yet their trademark Moog synths, and fuzzy power chords help to underline the narrative that runs throughout ‘There She Is’.

The song is pretty contagious, and you won’t want to just listen to it once, but again and again.