The Wild Things: ‘Tell Me Why’ – review

As fans of 90s alternative-rock we could not help but fall in love with The Wild Things’ new single ‘Tell Me Why’.

Don’t get us wrong, this is no tawdry nostalgic trip to the 90s, but ‘Tell Me Why’ is reminiscent of bands like The Cranberries at their very best.

The Wild Things’ – are a four-piece from West London consisting of sister-brother team Sydney and Cameron White, Rob Kendrick and Pete Wheeler.

‘Tell Me Why’ is a soaring ode to the lost youths, a badlands-style paean to fighting for the lust and love of the boy from the wrong side of town.

The band are refreshing, exciting and they now how to write a good rock song.

As we all know the art of a good chorus seems to be dying, but these guys have nailed it on this single.

We listened to this track about five times when we first heard it, amazed by what we had heard.

The band’s work is an in-house creation, from writing and producing their own material to creating their music videos and managing their own art direction.

Their latest releases were produced by Cameron and engineered/mixed by Adrian Hall (Ray Davies, Honeyblood) in their home studio.

Championed by luminaries such as Pete Townshend and Dave Stewart.

‘The Wild Things’ are quickly gaining a reputation on the live-circuit as one of the leading lights in modern rock. A band not to be missed.