Papa Roach: ‘Crooked Teeth’ review – Collaborations provide rare high points

Papa Roach’s 9th studio album ‘Crooked Teeth’ is an attempt to return to the former glories of the early 2000s.

Sorry Roach fans, but this approach has massively backfired to create a highly forgettable experience.

In this attempt to go back to the sound of their glory days Papa Roach have created a glut of songs that all sound like any generic rap-rock track made since 1997, all very loud but all lacking angst, making them sound bland, dated and emotionless.

In fairness the tracks with guest artists give something a bit different, in ‘Periscope’ Skylar Grey lends an atmospheric tone that is a pleasant relief from the rest of the album; and Machine Gun Kelly’s work on ‘Sunrise Trailer Park’, provides a rapping style that is a nice counter point to the work of Jacoby Shaddix.

However this does not overcome the rest of the album which is, to put it bluntly, just not
worth the time.

By Ruairi Walsh