Introducing neoclassical Brussels post-rockers We Stood Like Kings: The new art of mixing film with rock music

They are a band breathing new life into music and cinema across Europe. We Stood Like Kings have been taking the continent by storm with their new twist on the art of blending film and rock music.

This neoclassical post-rock 4-piece outfit from Brussels first saw the light of day in 2011.

We Stood Like Kings essentially write soundtracks and breathe life into experimental film masterpieces.

There have been three projects have shaped the WSLK story so far.

Together, these form a vibrant trilogy portraying two empires already lost – BERLIN 1927, USSR 1926 – and now a third one – USA 1982.

So to explain BERLIN 1927 is a soundtrack for Walter Ruttmann’s ‘Symphony of a Great’; USSR 1926 is a soundtrack for Dziga Vertov’s ‘A Sixth Part of the World’; and the latest project USA 1982 is a post-rock symphony for Godfrey Reggio’s ‘Koyaanisqatsi’.

Here are some examples of their work so you get the idea:

WSLK say 2017’s USA 1982 is their most ambitious project to date.

It is a musical reinterpretation of a movie world-famous for its original score by Philip Glass.

In 2017, despite celebrating its 35th birthday, ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ remains profoundly modern.

The relationship between humanity, nature and technology illustrated by Godfrey Reggio in the movie finds itself at the heart of the challenges of today’s society

Every release is another opportunity for WSLK to design new ways of blending their musical universe – now refined and textural, then epic and intense – with images of breath-taking beauty.

Stunning and atmospheric – but unfortunately WSLK have not made it to the UK to date.

USA 1982 set for release in September and the band will be touring in a variety of cities across Europe – so try and catch them if you can.

If you are interested in learning more about We Stood Like Kings then visit their website here.

By Nathan Rowden