Kerosene Stars: ‘The Lost EP’ review – dark and delightful

Kerosene Star’s ‘The Lost EP’ is a highly interesting piece of work with an indie sound infused with other genres.

The opening track ‘Up on the Screen’ kicks off with a heavily Pavement inspired beginning that rolls along pleasantly before a sudden change in tempo to a spooky county and western inspired ending that brought back memories of The Coral.

The following track ‘Lost’ follows on that theme of incorporating country elements into an indie sound with using little riffs and backing vocals to give warm sound that by and large works.

However the final track ‘By the Lake’ is a brilliantly dark track which is high point of the EP.

It begins with a highly stripped back riff using feedback and supplementary effects to create a dark, mournful sound before exploding into a Gothic crescendo using rolling drums and haunting backing vocals that give it a serious impact.

This EP shows a band with ambitious ideas that when they get it right are dark and delightful.

Listen to the EP here.

By Ruairi Walsh