InnSpire: ‘Want it now’ EP review – a nice slice of 90s grunge and synth pop

InnSpire latest track ‘Break Inside’ is a nice slice of early 90s grunge and shows a new style after a synth pop inspired debut EP ‘Want it now’.
‘Want It Now’ kicks off with ‘Come with me’ a great atmospheric track with a good tempo that will be a real treat for any fans of the synth pop of the 80s.

The EP then shows off a swaggering indie track with ‘Get on The Floor’ before going back to a more synth-pop inspired sound with ‘Going Nowhere’ before ending with the absolutely cracking title track ‘Want It Now’ which uses a rolling
drums, soaring synth and ethereal vocals to create a track that has that absolutely captures that classic New Wave sound.

To go from that and then to release a Sonic Youth inspired grunge track suggests a confident band unafraid to experiment with different sounds and it will be intriguing to see what they can do next.

By Ruairi Walsh